About Us

Ofmax Integrated Services (OIS) was founded out of the belief that excellence, quality and customer satisfaction can all be attained in our emerging cashless society.
It is our belief that every individual should be able to transact business electronically even in the arctic.
The CEO, a graduate of computer science in one of Nigerians foremost universities having honed his skills at a top notch ATM repairs firms, was of the opinion that business could be effectively run in Nigeria if all the machineries literally function optimally.
Hence, his decision to start up Ofmax Integrated Services Limited, a company with seasoned specialist on ATM repairs and maintenance support services.
Ofmax Integrated Services is proudly Nigeria with international outlook which core affairs is jointly directed by expatriates. Hence our services are rendered in the international way and OIS is duly licensed by the federal government of Nigeria (CAC).
ofmax Integrated Services

Professional and Expert GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE

Our highly skilled staff is trained to respond to your needs whenever and wherever you may be at any time. Our RMM strategy goes with us wherever you go. We give our client our all till our contract terminates…of course, that never happens, as our clients never let us go.

24 /7 Support: We operate 24hrs a day 7days a week all year long. All you need to do is call and we will be right there with you.

Highly Trained Engineers: Under the tutorship of high skilled South African engineers, our staffs are continuously trained to provide the best services ATM repair can offer.

Be reminded that we repair all kinds of ATM. It does not matter the brand of ATM your use. We ensure that it runs smoothly and reliably too.

Our Core Values

  • Excellent service and delivery
  • Transparency
  • Team Work
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Quality services
  • Proactive Troubleshooting
  • Dynamism


We ensure ATMs are repaired using our state of the art equipment and access to technology. through the trained staffs.


We continually maintain the ATMs in a bid to ensure that they function maximally and install high security equipment.


We entertain feedback as to how the machines are functioning and put our clients through on proper usage and precautionary measures.

Our Mission

We attend to our customers numerous needs within the banking automation and mobile computing industries to deliver innovative highly responsive services that exceed their expectations. Also, to provide world class IT hardware support solution on a global basis.

Our Vision

To be a pacesetter in the sphere of ATM solution provider hardware and software support services.

Ofmax Integrated Services
Ofmax Integrated Services
Ofmax Integrated Services
Ofmax Integrated Services
Ofmax Integrated Services
Ofmax Integrated Services

Our Clients

Over the years, we are gotten to know a variety of wonderful people and corporate organizations. Through these remarkable encounters and our firm commitment to our clients, we have been able to foster strong and trustworthy relationships that have helped us in becoming the company we are today.

Also, OIS vibrant customer approach made it possible to enrich our clients’ experience with our company. Our responsiveness and professionalism allowed OIS to transform simple business transaction into worthwhile associations.