Our ECS Overlay Skimming solution is designed to accommodate all models of ATMs.  The ECS is a versatile and durable solution to assist in the Overlay Skimming method. Our device detects the presence of an Overlay Skimmer and then emits a jamming signal to prevent the criminals from securing the card data they desire.

ECS® 4-in-1 is a unique anti-skimming solution that protects from card data theft at the ATM.
The enhanced security provides:
1. Protection for the consumer at the ATM
2. Reductions in fraudulent transactions with
stolen card data
3. Protection of the Financial Institution’s

Brand and Reputation
ECS 4-in-1 detects a skimming attack directly at the card reader, as well as unauthorized access to the ATM. Once a skimming attack is detected, ECS 4-in-1 will immediately begin emitting random jamming frequencies that scramble the skimmers ability to obtain card data. Communication then takes place through various alerts and notifications to the appropriate parties to take action. Data logging and analysis
will assist with investigation by the appropriate parties.