Why Does Your ATM Need Checker Security?


  • Protect your ATMs from Malware: Every few months, reports on a new variant of ATM Malware are published. Financial Institutions report more and more losses related to Malware Attacks. Checker ATM Security’s Whitelist feature completely prevents Malware intrusion on an ATM.
  • Protect your ATMs from Viruses: There are many ways that viruses can infect an ATM; through the Network, a Technician’s USB Storage Device, Compromised Software Installation and so on. Using Checker, your ATM will be 100% Secure and you will not need to purchase additional Antivirus Software.
  • Authorized ATM Access: A Service Technician or Hacker can easily install Malware, Viruses, or Accidentally Crash the Operating System. The damage caused can range from the ATM requiring a Software Re-Installation, through to loss of Cash and a Tarnished Reputation for the ATM Deployer. Checker ATM Security Manages all Software Process and will Not Allow Unauthorized changes to an ATM’s Software.


Checker ATM Security Features :


Checker ATM Security® preserves your ATM Application Software, Libraries and Operating System Integrity, leveraging Cryptographic Signatures and Hard Disk Encryption designed specifically for ATMs.

Checker state-of-the-art technology:

  • Effectively Controls the Execution of Legitimate Processes and Prevents Malware Infection through Whitelisting Protection combined with Application Level Communications Firewalling
  • Supervises the usage of ATM Peripherals such as Keyboards, Mice, Graphical Operator Panels and USB drives to prevent any possible attack
  • Prevents Data Sniffing or Manipulation by enabling VPN-based Communication Encryption, and guarantees PCI-DSS compliance by Preventing Card Data Storage in the clear, among many other features

Centralized, Comprehensive Security Administration and Monitoring; ranging from Operator Alerts to a Management-Level Dashboard, is built on top of Checker’s “Best-of-Breed Cyber Protection Technology”, to ensure this Incredible Combination of Security Features can be Properly, Easily and Securely Managed in Large, diverse Multi-Vendor ATM Networks in Complex Organizations.


Operating System Protection


  • Integrity Protection: Integrity Validation of critical Operating System Processes and Resources.

    Any Detected Alteration will be Reported.

  • Resource Utilization Protection: Use of Operating System Resources (Registry, Libraries, and Drivers) is Granted or Denied on a process-by-process basis. Non-Permitted Attempts at the use of Resources will be Blocked and Reported.

  • Multi-Version Support: Supports different Versions, “Fix Packs”, Service Packs, and so on, of the Operating System deployed in an ATM Network. Integrity Validation Supports Different Versions of the same (authorized) Program or Resource.


Device Protection


  • Plug & Play Hardware Protection: Detects the Connection of New Hardware and Allows or Denies “Mounting” or “Access”. Unauthorized Devices are Blocked and Reported.
  • Device Access Control: Use of Connected Hardware filtered on a Process-by-Process basis. Non-Permitted use of Connected Hardware is Blocked and Reported.
  • USB flash Drive Control: Reliable Control of Authorized USB drives for Easy, yet Secure Maintenance. Supports Content Encryption and Authentication of Authorized USB Drives.


Data Protection


  • File System Protection: Access to Local Files and Directories is Granted or Denied on a Process-by-Process basis. Attempts at Illegal Access to Restricted Data are Blocked and Reported.
  • Integrity Protection: Integrity Validation of Sensitive Data Files. Attempts at Illegally Altering Data are Blocked and Reported.


DLP Capabilities for ATMs

  • Detection of Track 2 Data Storage in-the-clear. Attempting to Write Data that follows a Track 2 Pattern will be Reported.