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We operate principally using R.M.M. strategy: (Repair, Maintain & Mentor) system. Repair: ensuring your ATMs are repaired using our state of the art equipment and technical know-how.

Maintenance: We continually maintain such ATMs in a bid to ensure that they function maximally.

Mentorship: We entertain feedback as to how the machines are functioning and also mentor our clients on proper usage and precautionary measures.

Products & Services

Global socio – economic and technological changes are gradually affecting the lives of people, especially the way business is conducted. The advent of an electronic business is an example.

Since ATMs are the main vehicles of the cashless world, it is pertinent that their continual existence and relevance is sustained. This is what we do at OIS, and it is incumbent on us to ensure you have access to it conveniently even at unlikely hours. 


ATM Installation

This process last for just few hours and your ATM will be fully up and functional. Note that as a policy and customer friendly organization, we install both ATM supplied by us and those supplied by other vendors without extra cost apart from the specified installation fee.


Sales of ATM

We buy and sell virtually all components of Wincor Nixdorf ATM parts, Diebold ATM parts and NCR parts across the country. Our purchase has the best warrantee you can ever think of. Our order also comes from proven source of high quality and reputation. We offer one year warranty on all new parts purchase from us.


Maintenance and Repair

Our maintenance policy has sustained to a large percentage the reduction to the barest minimum the cost of operations of ATM by several Banks. Refurbishment also comes in here, if perharps need arises.

ATM Technology: High Security

Security is one of the biggest concerns for ATM users around the world. From skimming scams to cash trappers, the threats to your network pose a risk to both your bottom line and your credibility.

Customers are slow to trust and quick to lose faith so you need to make sure that your machines are equipped with the best security measures and countermeasures available.

We make sure that all components are disposed of in an environmentally sound fashion and the sensitive components disposed of securely.

Secure destruction of sensitive devices removes the possibility of them being used for fraudulent purposes.

To be the global ATM service partner you can rely on, we have gone to lengths to ensure that we can offer you a full range of services that meet your various needs and challenges at all time and situation.

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