The Patented Quasi-Harmonic signal delivered through Dual antennas provides Protection against Stereo, Analogue and Digital Skimming, with a Unique Multi-Planar Shape also Protecting against Deep Insert Skimming.




All Data related to Events, Incidents, and Attacks detected by the StopSkimmer System’s Sensors are recorded digitally in an on-board Log File. This file is accessible both Locally and Remotely, providing the ability to perform a detailed analysis of Date & Time stamped Events, Incidents and Attacks.



StopSkimmer is a Multi-Vendor solution working with both DIP and Motorized Card Readers from all Major Manufacturers’ ATMs and Self Service Terminals (custom designs available on request).




  • Patented Quasi-Harmonic Signal
  • The patented signal is proven to have no effect on the normal operation of the ATM
  • Works with DIP and Motorized Card Readers
  • Works with all popular ATM and Self Service Terminals
  • Dual Antenna design provides Optimal Protection against Skimming
  • Date & Time stamped Events, Incidents and Attacks stored digitally in a Remotely Accessible on-board Log File
  • Faceplate design is complex and cannot be replicated by 3D printers
  • Faceplate has a narrow card insert slot for protection against deep insert skimmers
  • If the Proximity Sensors detect Cutting, Dismantling of the StopSkimmer or Panel Removal, the Card Reader is powered down
  • Remotely Configurable via a Custom Web Administration Panel