The video Security System is an Advanced Software Solution for Capturing & Recording Specific Events that occur during an ATM Transaction.

Easy Access

The Video Security System Software provides a User-Friendly Web Interface and Easy File Transfer from the Recording Database.


Minimum software requirements for the agent: Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10 and at least Microsoft framework 4, recommended Microsoft Framework 4.6.X.



  • The Capture Process is Triggered by Specific Events, for example :
  • “CARD INSERTED” and hidden PAN (2 pictures or as desired).
  • “CASH PRESENT” (400 pictures or up to 40 seconds of video).
  • “CASH TAKEN” (up to 30 seconds of video).
  • “CASH RETAINED” (up to 30 seconds of video).
  • “TRANSACTION END” (up to 30 seconds of video)



  • Dedicated Solution: The System Supports Single or Multiple Camera use from any ATM or OEM Manufacturer, via a Remote and onsite Configuration Interface.
  • Adaptive :Customizable Resolution of Multimedia Capture (320×240, 640×480, dependant upon camera).
  • Power Components: The Software System has been developed using C# .NET, supported by a Relational Database and Easy to Use Secure Web Interface.
  • Flexibility: The System provides Configuration Options to ensure all desired Transaction Events are Recorded.