Our Services

Sales of ATM

We buy and sell virtually all components of Wincor Nixdorf ATM parts, Diebold ATM parts and NCR parts across the country. Our purchase has the best warrantee you can ever think of. Our order also comes from proven source of high quality and reputation. We offer one year warranty on all new parts purchase from us.
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ATM Installation

This process last for just few hours and your ATM will be fully up and functional. Note that as a policy and customer friendly organization, we install both ATM supplied by us and those supplied by other vendors without extra cost apart from the specified installation fee.
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Maintenance and Repair

Our maintenance policy has sustained to a large percentage the reduction to the barest minimum the cost of operations of ATM by several Banks. Refurbishment also comes in here, if perharps need arises.
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We also offer ATM Value Added Services (VAS)

This includes

  • - Software deployment (Intelligent Camera, Fingerprint Biometrics, Windows 10 Upgrade, Content Management, ATM Remote Key Loading, Near Field Communication (NFC) e.t.c), all Multivendor solutions
  • - Fully kitted ATM Mobile Trucks
  • - 48/72 Hr Solar/Hybrid Inverter backup Solution deployment
  • - Haulage/freight of ATMS, goods and services to various locations of request
  • - Lease/Rent of ATM trucks for events
  • - Service Desk Tools